Italian Studies

Research & Publications

Faculty of Italian Studies delve into a wide array of topics within Italian culture, history, and language, contributing to the vibrant academic landscape in the field through their rigorous research and thought-provoking publications.

Areas of Research

Faculty currently study: the symbiotic evolution of politics and mothering in early modern Italy (Castiglione); the collaboration of the Papacy with Fascism (Kertzer); the role of images in forming networks of publishers, printers and patrons in early modern Rome (Lincoln); Dante’s poetic valorization of early modern technologies (Martinez); the archaeology of virtual reality in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (Riva); Fascism, Post-Fascism and the questions of reclamation and consent (Stewart-Steinberg).

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The Virtual Humanities Lab (VHL) provides a portal and a collaborative platform for faculty-led digital projects in Italian literature, philosophy, history and history of art and architecture, ranging from the early modern to the contemporary period.
The Italian Studies Colloquium is a bi-weekly forum and seminar for an exchange of ideas and work of the community of Italian scholars at Brown and invited outside scholars